Memeplex: Missive for a Dark Age

Toward a 'Book of Knowledge and Wisdom', transmissible to future generations in hope of Renaissance.

meme - An element of culture transmissible by non-genetic means.

memeplex -
A set of associated memes which interact to reinforce each other.

15 March 2016

KERNEL: Genesis

KERNAL: Genesis
CONTENTS: Big Bang, Origin of Spacetime, Scale, Formation of Stars and Solar system, Origin of Life

My intention with the Genesis section is to present a quick skeleton of the big picture, to help form a context for subsequent Kernals. As such, it's held to a lower bar.

While the scientific account seems to me to be as engaging as any, and not requiring a deity, neither do I see it as in conflict with the spirit of most religious accounts. 


In the beginning was the Singularity.
And the World was not, nor Space nor Time.

At a moment that was not yet a moment,
The Singularity awoke.

Time was.
Space was.
Energy was.

And Energy became Matter
And Matter descended the wells of gravity.
And the Universe was.

Vast in scale beyond imagining
Small in scale beyond detection
And every scale between.

From the Great Awakening
Matter and Energy followed their own law
Sliding ever along the path of entropy.

From order to disorder
From dis-equilibrium to equilibrium
Ever toward dissipation
In directional time.

Stars, galaxies and nebulae were born, grew old, and died.

In the course of Deep Time
Our Sun was born
And planets in its orbit
Moons in theirs.
Our World was born
Hot and wet and without vestige of life.

In the course of Deep Time,
In the froth of combination and decay,
The Ancestor occured.

The first Replicator,
That which copies itself,
The Ancestor of all life.

And there was Life.